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(Vitamin F+E Lotion)

1. Can it be used daily for babies?

Yes, Vitamin F+E Lotion contains natural ingredients which is safe, mild, and non-irritating. It is recommended to use as a daily routine.

2. Can it be used for sensitive skin?

Yes, it is rich in vitamins that effectively moisturizes the skin, soothes dryness and itching, and enhancies skin defense.

3. How much should we use for it to be effective?

It depends on different skin types, you can apply as often as needed. Use it as a daily routine for better results.

4. Can it be used for Atopic Dermatitis (AD)?

Yes, Vitamin F+E Lotion does not contain MCI/MI, Parabens, western drugs, or fragrance, which is safe, mild, and non-irritating. Consult a doctor if there is inflammation or infection occurs.

5. What would happen if my baby accidentally ingests it?

It is formulated with natural ingredients which are safe and mild and will not cause any harm if ingested.

6. What are the steps of applying UNID products?

After bathing, apply UNID Cica-Botanic Oil on the whole body. Then, apply UNID F+E Lotion to enhance the moisturizing effect. Lastly, apply the Ultra Repair Cream on the desired area for better moisturizing and repairing effects.

7. What is the volume of the product?

160ml: suitable for home use.

25ml: compact and convenient to carry during travel.

8. Can it be used on the face and body?

Yes, it can be applied to the face and body.

9. What's the difference between Vitamin F+E Lotion and normal lotion?

Most lotions only moisturize our skin. Vitamin F+E Lotion is able to moisturize the skin and simultaneously soothe skin discomforts such as dryness, itching, and redness and even strengthen our skin barrier.

10. How does it smell? Does it contain any fragrance?

Vitamin F+E Lotion does not contain any fragrance or any prominent smells, but a slightly organic scent.

11. How is the texture?

Vitamin F+E Lotion contains natural plant oil such as Organic Calendula Oil which can easily be absorbed by the skin, leaving softer and more moisturized skin.

12. Has it been tested and proved to be safe to use on human skin?

Vitamin F+E Lotion has been tested by BioScreen Labs with RIPT testing certified by the US FDA proving that there is no potential to elicit dermal irritation or sensitization (contact allergy). It has also passed the inspection by the National Eczema Association in America.

13. Does it lead to acne when used on the face?

No, Vitamin F+E Lotion does not contain silicone oil, but natural plant oil, which is non-acne-prone. It is also antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, effectively moisturizing the skin and improving its oil-water balance. It is suitable to use for oily skin.