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(Physical Sun Lotion)

1. Should I apply Physical Sun lotion indoors?

Even indoors, if you are exposed to sunlight when you stay by the window, there is still a need for sun protection. In addition , sun protection is needed if the indoor lighting is too strong.

2. Should I apply Physical Sun Lotion during winter?

Yes. Because ultraviolet rays are everywhere, sun protection is required regardless of the weather or season. Clouds can't block UVA rays, which may easily cause skin tanning, skin aging, loss of elasticity and other problems if exposed.

3. How much and how thick should I apply for it to be effective?

In the face area, apply an amount about the size of a ten-yuan coin and pat it evenly to each part. If the dosage is reduced, the effect will also be affected.

4. When should I reapply the Sun Lotion?

There is no absolute standard and it mainly depends on the speed of sunscreen loss. It is recommended to make adjustments according to individual conditions. If you are engaged in outdoor activities for a long time, the sunscreen will diminish due to sweating and other reasons, you should replenish the sunscreen in about 2 hours.

5. How can I have sun protection when I’m sweating?

If you are engaged in water activities, sunscreens that have no waterproof effect are easily washed away, so it is necessary to reapply frequently. If you are sweating, you can wipe off the sweat, or use absorbent tissue to lightly press the face and absorb oil before applying Sun Lotion.

6. Does it need to be specially removed?

If you wear sunscreen during the day, you must remember to clean it off at night. Physical Sun Lotion is not a base makeup sunscreen, there is no need for a special makeup remover. Adults can use an ordinary facial cleanser to clean it; children can use clean water.

7. How can I prevent whitening after applying Physical Sun Lotion?

Both the amount and uniformity contribute to the whitening. It is recommended to apply small amounts multiple times, to help evenly distribute it on the skin. This will reduce the problem of whitening caused by unevenness and light reflection.

8. Can my baby use Physical Sun Lotion?

Because a newborn's skin is not fully developed yet, full coverage is recommended to avoid sun damage. You can start applying the Sun Lotion after six months to enhance the protective effect.

9. Will its high SPF value damage the skin?

Not necessarily, it mainly depends on the ingredients. Physical Sun Lotion uses natural and organic ingredients and has passed the test of an international third-party recognized laboratory, so it does not cause skin troubles even with SPF 50+.

10. Can it be used for sensitive skin like Rosacea or Atopic Dermatitis?

Yes, it uses pure physical sunscreen ingredients, which are safe, stable, gentle, non-irritating, and without any chemicals. Therefore, it is suitable for all skin types.

11. Where can I apply the Physical Sun Lotion?

It can be used on both the body and face. It can be applied directly to the face and body of infants and children. One bottle can be used for multiple purposes to form a protective barrier.

12. How long before going out should I apply the Sun Lotion?

Chemical sunscreen needs to be applied  20 minutes before going out for it to be effective. Physical Sun Lotion does not require a waiting time, it is effective as long as soon as it is applied on the skin's surface. However, it is still recommended to start applying 10-15 minutes before going out.