(Feminine Cleansing Mousse)

1. Can it be used during menstruation?

Feminine Cleansing Mousse is fine to use during menstruation. The pH value will lower during menstruation and growing of bacteria, Cleansing Mousse can reduce the infections and maintain the balance of flora in intimate area.

2. Can it be used during pregnancy?

Yes, hormone change during pregnancy results to the increase of discharge, which escalates the pH value and a higher possibility to get infected. Therefore, maintenance and protection is strongly required.

3. Can it be used everyday?

Yes, Cleansing mousse is healthy to use, Lactic acid bacteria was added to balance the flora, which effectively reduces the bad bacteria to lower the occurrence of inflammation.

4. Can it be used for Favism (G6PDD)?

Yes, our products do not contain mint and camphor that could cause discomfort to Favism patients. The ingredients are natural, mild and non-irritating, which is safe to use.

5. How long can one bottle to be used?

It varies according to how frequent and usage amount of each person.

6. Does it moisturize?

Yes, it moisturizes. Moisturizing ingredients such as Vitamin B5, Arginine, and Allantoin are added to the products, therefore it moisturizes and reduces water loss.

7. Can it reduce peculiar smells?

Yes, it naturally removes the peculiar smells produced by the bad bacteria. To maintain the flora in normal situation, our products are fragrance-free, keeping the intimate area fresh.

8. It is antibacterial, does it kill the good bacteria?

No, it contains lactic acid bacteria that promotes good bacteria. Natural plant extract was also added to fight bad bacteria, producing more good bacteria.

9. Can it improve inflammation and itching?

Yes, natural antibacterial ingredients and lactic acid are added to effectively enhance defense and reduce discomfort.

10. Can it still be used if there’s no itching or inflammation?

Yes, the intimate area is weaker than other body skin parts and easily infected by external factors. Both cleansing mousse and probiotic gel can reduce infections and enhance the protection.

11. When should a female start using care products for intimate areas?

Females who started their menstruation and already had intercourse are recommended to take care of their intimate area, and regularly have their own body check to prevent inflammation from infections.

12. How to choose intimate care products?

They should have safe and natural ingredients, lactic acid bacteria, antibacterial protection, substantial test reports, manufacturing and packaging hygiene, and pH value around 3.8-4.5.

13. Can it be used for sensitive skin?

Yes, the intimate area is the weakest part of the skin parts. Cleansing mousse has the most natural, mild and non-irritating ingredients, which are safe to use for sensitive skin.

14. Should both cleansing mousse and probiotic gel be used together?

Similar to facial care, nourishing after cleansing. It will enhance the softness and moisture of the intimate area and maintain healthy defenses, reducing the risk of infections and inflammation.

15. Can males use this product?

Yes for cleansing mousse as it can achieve antibacterial and cleansing effects which could increase good bacteria.