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(Cica-Botanic Oil)

1. Is it greasy and sticky when applied?

No, its patented technology allows the single-layer hydrophobic structure to penetrate directly into the skin's active layer, forming a protective film on the epidermis, moisturizing the skin with no sticky feeling.

2. Can it be applied on the face?

Yes, its patented RMCS™ promotes the absorption of active ingredients, which is similar to the structure of the sebum membrane. It has good skin affinity, can supplement the lack of sebum, and forms a good protective film on the epidermis.

3. How is it different from massage oils on the market?

Not only can it prevent and reduce stretch marks, it can also be used as a baby massage oil and facial care essential oil. It is suitable for any skin, and has soothing effects especially on sensitive skin.

4. Can it be used to remove makeup?

Eye and lip makeup remover is recommended. This product is for soothing and promoting healthy, smooth, and soft skin, not a makeup remover.

5. Can it prevent stretch marks?

Yes. In addition to its patented technology, camellia oil, bigaradier extract, and centella asiatica are also added to effectively prevent and reduce stretch marks.

6. Is it recommended to be used daily?

Yes, it can be used every day. After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount on the skin every morning and evening and massage gently until absorbed to make the skin soft and moisturized.

7. How do you use the Cica-Botanic Oil?

For Daily Use: Apply toner first, and then use the Cica-Botanic Oil to lock in the moisture, which can adjust the skin's oil-water balance. You can also rub the Cica-Botanic Oil all over the body after bathing, and massage until fully absorbed.
For Bathing: Add 3 to 5 drops of Cica-Botanic Oil in the baby's bathtub to improve skin softness and moisture after washing.

8. Can it be used as a massage oil?

Yes, it is recommended to apply an appropriate amount to the area to be massaged for light caressing to achieve a soothing and relaxing effect. The massage location can be determined according to the body position and the current situation.

9. Can it only be used on the body?

It can be used on the face, hair and body. In addition to diminishing lines, it can strengthen the barrier on the facial skin, eliminate free radicals and reduce the transdermal loss rate of the epidermis, in order for the skin to achieve a supple and translucent state.

10. Will it prevent acne from coming out?

Yes! it is suitable for acne-prone skin. All ingredients are natural plant extracts. It contains no mineral oils and has anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory effects. It does not just moisturize the skin, it also strengthens its barrier as well.

11. Can it be used together with other skincare creams?

Yes. Add 1-2 drops depending on the current skin condition, and apply it on the skin after mixing for better maintenance absorption and penetration. It can also be added to the liquid foundation before makeup to make the base makeup sticky and bright, with good makeup retention.

12. Is it good for allergic, damaged, and post-treated skin?

Yes. Allergic, damaged, and post-treated skin are relatively weak. The sebum film formation is difficult, water retention capacity is poor, and protection ability is reduced. Cica-Botanic Oil can repair the skin barrier and achieve moisture retention.

13. Is lotion still needed after application of the Cica-Botanic Oil?

It depends on the climate and the current skin type. Add 1-2 drops to the lotion for strengthening, which promotes lotion absorption. For summer skin or oily skin, it can be used directly without the use of lotion.

14. Is the use of the Cica-Botanic Oil only applicable during winter?

Due to the hot weather during summer, most people stay in air-conditioned rooms, which promotes the rapid loss of moisture on the face. Under the sun, it causes an imbalance of oil secretion. Therefore, aside from replenishing moisture, it is recommended to apply a small amount of oil to lock moisture.