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(Baby Cleansing Foam)

1. Can you use it as a body wash?

Infants: Baby Cleansing Foam focuses on the gentlest natural ingredients for the baby. The ingredients are good for moisture and non-irritating, and can be washed all over the body, which can enhance the baby's skin protection and comfort.
Adults: Use Baby Cleansing Foam as a hand wash. Due to the strong secretion of sebum, it is recommended to use common body wash for cleansing.

2. Can it be used for people with eczema?

Yes, because there are no added preservatives and petrochemical surfactants such as SLS or SLES, parabens, soaps, and chemicals. It‘s safe, gentle, and non-stimulating. It is recommended to consult a physician if inflammation occurs.

3. What are the available bottle sizes of Baby Cleansing Foam ?

50ml: compact and convenient to carry during travel.

450ml: suitable for home use.

4. It smells good. Are there any added flavors and fragrance?

The scent is extracted from natural plants with no added essence or fragrance. So, babies and pregnant mothers with sensitive skin can feel at ease while using.

5. How long does it last?

It can be stored for three years unopened and unexposed to direct sunlight. It is recommended to use it in about six months after opening.

6. What is its main difference from other brands?

It effectively improves TEWL, makes the skin moisturized and increases its protective layers. For sensitive skin on babies or adults, it strengthens the skin barrier, is gentle and not stimulating to the skin.

7. Will the skin be dry or sticky after washing?

No, its main ingredient strengthens the skin barrier function, relieves dry and uncomfortable skin, and promotes skin moisture and hydration. It makes the skin smooth and refreshing.

8. Should we rinse the baby with water after washing in the bathtub?

No need, just take the baby out after washing in the bathtub and dry the baby's body with a towel.

9. Does it contain any preservatives?

No harmful preservatives such as MI, MCI, or Paraben are added in the Baby Cleansing Foam. It does not cause sensitive, dry, and peeling skin. Babies and mothers can use it safely.

10. Will it cause skin residue?

With natural surfactants, it can be completely decomposed naturally without adding any chemical ingredients. There is no need to worry about skin residue, gentle decontamination or irritation. It can be used for babies and sensitive skin with ease.

11. Does it have strong cleaning ingredients?

No, with an exclusive formula, it can effectively improve the epidermal barrier function, reduce water loss from the skin, and repair damaged skin. After washing, the skin will be refreshed and moisturized.

12. What is a tear-free formula?

Having the same pH as our skin, it is milder and non-irritating to the eyes. If it accidentally gets into your eyes, gently rinse with clean water.